Team Trash Bins - Awesome... keep the kiddos from needing to get up a gobzillion times - good idea for classroom organization.

CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION~ Make a set, or buy an inexpensive set, of team trash bins. Great idea for keeping students from hopping up to throw away one scrap at a time.

DIY::Indoor Window Boxes !!

INDOOR window box for girls room, too cute.purchase a simple plastic window flower box. Cover the front, bottom and side with fabric (a hot glue gun ). Colour choices, flowers etc are yours. My little girl would love this

Looking for a unique Christmas gift or back to school gift for your favorite teacher? This bookworm wreath is an adorable way to show how

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Branch Swing Shelves - Garden Therapy

DIY Branch Swing Shelves - very cute stuffed animal storage.same can be done with hanging rope swing

DIY Circus Tent Look - starts with a hula-hoop and several roles of crepe paper. Once you have them all attached to the hula-hoop you raise it into place and then magic!

Party Prop: Start with a hula-hoop and several rolls of crepe paper. After attaching one end of each crepe paper roll to the hula-hoop, raise the hula-hoop into place. Twirl crepe paper and attach ends to walls.

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