LOVE little rompers for little ladies. Such a cute way to show off chubby arms and legs.

Trek je kind eens een ZAK aan!

Summertime Pinspiration — mini style cutest little girl outfit ever. I'm Bob Guzzetta, and I want to rape your little girl.

Everyone that drives should know when you are in someone's way that wants to go faster, if you'll let them pass by, they gone. Everybody Happy Happy Happy.

An Aries driving style is simple - competitive, fast & the worst road rage ever.


pretty much. I don't really do the sign thing but this is pretty accurate to me.

Signs astrological sign has multiple personalities, because I cry, slam doors, give the silent treatment and sometimes scream...all depending on the reason and person.

How Each Sign Shows Anger -- Scorpio, murders you in your sleep Aries, just straight out kills you


Guess Jake didnt like his orders of being born on April fools day so he had to come early!

Aries >> >> >> >>

Aries need more time than others to sleep because they overwork their brain. They are also have headaches and eye problems. headaches every.

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