No, I am not thinking of having kids, but these are cute - 9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

New Born Baby Photography Picture Description No, I am not thinking of having kids, but these are cute - 9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

6 months

best friend, when I have a baby, it'll get a teddybear and hopefully keep it forever, don't know what I would without my teddy ♡

DIY project and haVE it printed on canvas. Love it! <3

Matt takes so many pictures a day that I probably already have enough to do this with a little cropping, DIY project, and had it printed on canvas.What a great idea,i love it.

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Photos & Baby Books

18 ideias Criativas Para Fotografar o Crescimento do Bebê

Monthly baby picture ideas to document your baby's growth! A great collection of ideas for taking monthly baby photos!

First Year Baby Book. This could also be great for years of school.

First Year Baby Book. What a beautiful keepsake to make for your child! Include their monthly baby photo and write about their development and favorite things.

44824958763895423 Baby pics, cute idea!

75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

Watching Baby Grow // One Picture, Each Week, for One Year (via Bubby & Bean)

Documenting Baby, Week By Week (via Bubby and Bean) - This is such a good idea.

Monthly Photo Idea for Baby's First Year

Do you capture monthly photos of your baby? Here is a collection of some creative Monthly Baby Photo Ideas for capturing your baby’s monthly growth.

Fotos do desenvolvimento do bebê - JColoque sempre o mesmo bicho de pelúcia e o bebê vestindo a roupa que mais utilizava em cada fase.

Ideias de fotos para registrar o desenvolvimento do bebê