A great link resource of better blogging tips and tricks from several awesome bloggers. A must read for anyone wanting to beef up their blog.

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I love this blog. Its so fun to remember my feelings of being pregnant with each of my children!

"As soon as I saw you, I KNEW an ADVENTURE was going to happen!" ~ Winnie the Pooh And "Life IS a daring ADVENTURE!" Thank you Helen Keller for that awesome advice, for a life well lived with daring adventure!

For those with Deployed Soldiers or loved ones you need to check out this blog for holiday gift ideas! Take time to read some of the post too it will have you laughing and crying right along as you read the expierences of a wife waiting for her Love to come home.

So here's what my cutie pie soldier got for our 5 year anniversary: Yes I know I have posted the t-shirt everywhere!