So much inspiration from these heart shaped Valentine animals!

Tons of Valentine's Day Heart- Shaped Animal Crafts For Kids valentine art projects (Make butterfly into bee using yellow and black?

14 Heart Crafts For Kids For Valentine's Day

14 Heart Crafts & Activities For Kids

14 Heart Crafts & Activities For Kids - Pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins. Heart hug, tamborine, and love bug

the perfect Valentine's Day treat!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel - Sweet And Romantic Valentine Recipes This would be fun to do with residents as a valentines day craft. These pretzels can be put in a ziplock bag with a note and exchanged/delivered as a gram to a friend or significant other.

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Lollipop Flowers Valentine’s Day Card - or use red and green for Christmas gifts the child can give to their teacher/friends at school