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Hello! I'm Amanda, and I'm in love with all things whimsical. Crafts, Art, Beautiful things, Fashion, Inspiration, whimsy and a little bit of magic ;)

money sort.find the snack divider at dollar store---could use this idea to sort all kinds of things...cereal, buttons, beans!

Literacy Activity This game is easy to make!! It has 4 simple steps. 1. Buy the bugs at Target for 1 dollar!!! 2. Print the WHO AM I cards. 3. Glue the completed WHO AM I cards to the back of the blank ones! 4. Have your students read and determine which bugs go with which clues!

Matching a sentence to a picture. Will probably do these together to model but then they will be put in a pocket chart basket for my students to do independently.

Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : Math- Addition Cups! Cups have holes in them so that the manipulative a drop through. The kids use white board markers to write the numbers.

Sorting Soft and Hard. great for Lifeskills or younger/bilingual students. can be modified with any adjectives

build a clock for teaching time. my new twist on this would be to add the hands in color (just like on the Judy clock) with the hours written in one color and then in smaller numbers up top the minutes counted off by 5s in the other color.

Beginning Writing Workshop-I would use this with the title of 'Illustrating' for older students who aren't as confident with their drawings.

these are so awesome, I was so happy I found these I almost cried!!!

Pre K - Math Center. (This blog offers SO many cute ideas for Pre-K Math Centers!)

Roll the green dice and then put that many eggs in your basket. The person with the most eggs wins.

Such a hands on beginning blends activity! Get all 64 cards FREE.

The Book Fairy-Goddess: First Week of Lessons (PK-2nd)

Animal Command Cards - use with Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton (Kindergarten Game Plan)

a really fun idea for classroom management/transitions... the "action cup!" write different actions on popsicle sticks, such as "pretend your legs are spaghetti" and have one student pick an action for the class to do each time they transition! there's a list of actions at the website!

This kindergarten skill goal sheet that is a fun and very visual way for the kids to see what skills they have mastered. When a skill has been mastered, the child can put a sticker in the box. Excellent motivation to meet kindergarten goals

These free rhyming clip cards are a great rhyming activity for preschoolers on up. Giant set!

Tried it: Roll and add. Will print off again. Grayson liked it. we did the front and turned it over to do more on the back. Good practice writing the numbers. Callaway liked rolling the foam die and counting the dots.

Pepperoni File Folder Game - Numbers - Free! Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten

Name Game Freebie - Pocket Chart Cards for name game! This would be good at the beginning of the year to learn names and letter recognition. Maybe leader of the day?

I found this idea on Pinterest. Put dice inside mini containers to help with "flying dice" control. I love this idea especially this year because I have some boys who sometimes forget how to keep the dice in their area!

2 printable bug games teach kids graphing and sorting - important early math skills.

How to stop whining in the preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Suggestions would work well at home, too!

What a great idea! You could use this for math facts, word families (making stacks of scoops), pictures/words... oh, the possibilities!

Lots of sight word activities, including a FREE printable of a cute chant for sight word of the week.