Never Pay at the Spa Again! DIY Spa Recipes..homemade face scrub-firming mask and more

Never Pay at the Spa Again! DIY Spa Recipes

Homemade spa treatments DIY Spa for Basic Honey Face Mask, Honey Yogurt Face Scrub, Clay and Egg Firming Face Mask, Anti-Acne Apple Cider Toner, Body Scrub & Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask.


How to do a professional manicure- at home! -- Tried this out this weekend.the best way so far to do an at home manicure!

.DOES YOUR HAIR NEED A LITTLE PICK-ME-UP? Read on, my friend...  Your hair is made up of proteins, which can break up from exposure to the sun, chemicals and harsh conditions - so what better way to strengthen your strands than to put some back with this DIY protein pack!  What you'll need:  2 eggs  1/2 cup yogurt  1/2 cup honey  1/2 cup olive oil  What to do:  1. Beat the eggs until they become frothy and add in the olive oil.  2. Whisk until it's fully blended together and add in the…

Color-this is medium to dark medium ash brown hair. it has very little red tone to it so it doesn't qualify as totally ash brown hair.

simple. I can see where this would help in allergy season, help unclog . I just love how this smells

It may sound strange to place a plant in your shower, but this trick may have you feeling stress-free. Hang eucalyptus nearby your shower, or purchase some eucalyptus oil drops to bring clarity to your day.

My Nail Care Routine | Emelie J.'s (honeymunchkin) Photo | Beautylish

GREAT NAIL CARE ROUTINE, with a great tip about not buffing nail tips and mentions(with photographic support) an OPI nail product. Previous poster "My Nail Care Routine

Improve Your Health in 20 Minutes - How to Draw a Detox Bath

Detox Bath: Why and How

Improve Your Health in 20 Minutes - How to Draw a Detox bath ~ 2 cups Epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, water as hot as you can stand, and 20 minutes

Skin care

Organics Skincare: Why Youthful Girls Must Select 'Organic Skin Care' Organics Skincare - In the short time I've been in business providing organic skin care products, I've constantly assumed youthful girls would not be interested in natural merchandise.

Skin care for your late 20s

What it is:A cleanser with dirt-grabbing minerals to help free skin of impurities.What it is formulated to do:This foaming-face wash is formulated with rare silver tipped white tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combine with the gent


Better Skin at Every Age

Your - One skincare tip: Just as the moisturizer that’s perfect in your may no longer do the trick in your your cleanser needs updates, too. You can’t go wrong with these basic and trustworthy picks for each decade.

Anti aging on a budget

How to Look Like a Million Bucks (Even If Your Bank Account Is Empty)

takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. I'll have to try this one! Great to know for flip-flop season.

Treating sore, cracked and stinky feet. Takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. Great to know for flip-flop season.

Clear Complexion: 1tbsp. citrus juice and 1tbsp. baking soda. Combine the citrus juice and baking soda, it will fizz a lot so stir until the bubbling lessens. Apply to your face and then leave on for 20min. and then rinse. Benefits: citrus exfoliates and brightens and helps keep pores clean. Baking soda takes away dead skin cells and helps to prevent blackheads.

Do It Yourself! Natural Beauty 101

combine 1 Tbsp citrus juice & 1 Tbsp baking soda, stir until bubbling lessens. apply to face & leave on for 20 min then rinse. citrus exfoliates & brightens, helps keep pores clean. baking soda takes away dead skin cells.