THIS IS SUCH GOOD STUFF:  "Tricky People" are the new strangers - new safety tips to teach your kids, like if you get lost, find a Mama with kids and ask her for help.

Teach kids about "tricky people" not strangers. If a weirdo at the park introduces himself, and talks for a while, the child won't view them as a stranger. I love this article about keeping kids safe from predators.

I need to do this.  Beautiful and random acts of kindness, are one way we can show the world the love of Jesus.  Even the smallest act of kindness can have a profound affect on a person.

Funny pictures about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Oh, and cool pics about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Also, 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness.

Tips and Tricks for Tired Moms

Tips and Tricks for Tired Moms

When Your Mother Says She's Fat-  EVERY GROWN WOMAN SHOULD READ AND HEED THIS!   "Dear Mom,  I was 7 when I discovered that you were fat, ugly, and horrible. Up until that point I had believed that you were beautiful—in every sense of the word...But all of that changed said to me, ‘‘Look at you, so thin, beautiful, and lovely. And look at me, fat, ugly, and horrible.’ "

"When Your Mother Says She's Fat", by Kasey Edwards "Every moment we spend worrying about our physical ‘‘flaws’’ is a moment wasted, a precious slice of life that we will never get back.


"Mommy, I need you." A sweet read whether you have kids yet or not. Humbling perspective on being a busy mom.

Parents willing to get

Very good article, about the importance of attaching to your foster kids. Wanted: Parents willing to get attached. AMAZING read for foster parents.

Brené Brown | The Power of Vulnerability  | great TED Talk on connection, vulnerability, and shame

Brené Brown studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.

The Important Thing About Yelling

The Important Thing About Yelling

The Important Thing About Yelling by Rachel Macy Stafford: HuffingtonPost

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