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Seungcheol, take care of your children lol

Seungcheol, take care of your children lol


why do i stan this

Naega Hosh! /le imitates a jellyfish lol. XDD

*distant fans screaming 10 hour 10 mintue when introduces himself*

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|These two motherfuckers...| Hansol & Minghao (The8) - Seventeen

istg this two lil shit im waiting for qt minghao to come back am i.that thirsty

the cOOLE$T

The spelling if coolness


Bts meeting seventeen xD I can totally imagine this playing out like this xD

This pic says everything that needs to be said..! #SEVENTEEN #Woozi #Jihoon

Yooooo ~~ maybe I should get into the fandom just to see this happen to me. Cuz right now all he looks like is a cute little baby who needs all the love and snuggles but hmmm this might be interesting ~~~

Svt vernon seungkwan memes

Svt vernon seungkwan memes

Happy Birthday Seventeen leader

And you know in general he's just super duper awesome