FaceBook Profile Book Report

FaceBook Profile Book Report

book report format created for use with third graders. Some concepts included in the report are fiction/nonfiction, realism/fan.

Practice Proper Pinning

I'm going to be more respectful of intellectual property online and will only link to original sources from now on.

Code to add to your blog to add a Pin It button to all your posts automatically on Wordpress. This makes me resent Typepad right now.

How to add a Pinterest pin it button to all of your posts tutorial

Yes Please! I was just thinking of this.

We NEED an adult(grown up) content button. It will put it in a group that will not be seen by those who do not appreciate tasteful sensual images

The Power Of Pinterest

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Pinterest for eTailers and Content Marketers

From the folks over at Deconstructed: who, where, when, what, why? - for eTailers and Content Marketers [

whipped this up today after seeing one too many hyper negative comment threads. please, please repin it if you feel similarly.

Just pin what you like, there is really no need to post negative comments, if you do not like it move on.

pinterest list

This site is THE master list of awesome crafts and DIY .I went here to check out a simple painted pumkpin and fell in the abyss of crafting heaven for hours. A site to save!