Zapatos para muñecas. - Masters Feria - hecho a mano, hecho a mano

Small doll shoe pattern (Zapatos para muñecas) from Masters Feria - hecho a mano, hecho a mano

1in. scale Lady's Traveling Vanity

scale miniature lady's travelling vanity, cloisonné box by Deb Jackson (hey look this is where the two little hooks are from!

Cajas de habitaciones

Room Boxes by Nell Corkin. She also sells some miniature scale furniture sets on her website.

how to: doll display box (could be scaled down)

An antique-style presentation box - with explanations - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. These are the toys of my childhood self's dreams.

Victorian Lady and Wardrobe with Presentation Box

Victorian Lady with Wardrobe and Presentation Box kit, Quarter Scale Lady by jdayminis on Etsy (null)

Quarter Scale Furniture Kits

Quarter scale silk kit Victorian Loveseat Shawl 1 4 1 48 by Jean Day

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