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d.o / exo

Satansoo overtaking Kyungsoo's body announcing to the world his malicious deeds while we have Jongin infatuated with the love of his life, demonic or not. <-- hahahahahaha I love both the collage and the caption

My baby chanyeol :3

this is how i look when i fangirl i just stare at the screen in total awe of the perfection


Omg that's so adorable I look like Imma bout to kill when I listen to trap music

Exo winks

Lol exo winks xD At some point i have winked like every single one of them.

EXO's different types of wink - part 6 (GIF)

Chen wth xD Lay what's up lolEXO's different types of wink - part 6 (GIF)