Mangia Bene Pasta

Mangia Bene Pasta

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Mangia Bene Pasta
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Mascarpone Cream Parfaits

Bomboloni are fried Italian doughnuts that are filled with pastry cream.


Are you looking for the best tiramisu recipe? Tiramisu is an Italian dessert consisting of layers of ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and chocolate laced with the flavors of espresso and Marsala wine.

Sicilian Watermelon Pudding

This Sicilian watermelon recipe brings out the full flavor of the watermelon in a light pudding-style dessert.

Creamy Rice Pudding

Creamy Rice Pudding

Pumpkin Panettone Bread Pudding

In this bread pudding recipe, the bread is a traditional Italian holiday bread, panettone, that is baked with a creamy pumpkin and spice-flavored custard.

Pistachio Souffle with Vanilla Sauce

This recipe for pistachio souffle makes 4 individual servings of a delicious dessert souffle flavored with pistachios and a vanilla bean and topped with a luscious creme anglaise (vanilla sauce). An elegant dessert for any special occasion.

Panna Cotta Recipes

Panna Cotta is a soft, creamy, eggless custard whose name literally means ‘cooked cream.’ Despite its luxurious texture and elegant presentation, panna cotta is easy to prepare and is a blank slate for many added flavors.

Limoncello Bread Pudding

Turn old-fashioned bread pudding into a delicious gourmet dessert with the addition of Limoncello, the Italian lemon-flavored liqueur.

Cannoli Dip

This recipe takes the delicious flavor and creamy texture of cannoli filling and turns it into a wonderful dip to be served with pizzelles or other crisp cookies.

Bianco Mangiare with Ladyfingers

Bianco Mangiare is an eggless milk pudding dessert that is made with all white ingredients; thus the name biancomangiare, literally white food. Made with milk and cream and flavored with vanilla and almond, biancomangiare is very similar to panna cotta.




A traditional cake from Fruili in Northern Italy, gubana is filled with a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, and spices.

Easter Ricotta Pastries - Soffioni di Ricotta

Easter Ricotta Pastries - Soffioni di Ricotta