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Will you help me make my wish come true?? I wish anyone who looks at my posts,... enjoys them as much as I do.

diy book planter

how to diy book succulent planter great for library or book lovers event! Would look awesome on stairs by the river bridge at the park picnic decoration

Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

Gummy Bunnies


Japanese lollies

Homemade Rock Candy

Easy Strawberry Mint Candies

Taste just like Sour Patch Kids candy..a must try this summer. Much healthier than the candy.

candy cane marshmallows.....these are going in the hot chocolate at Christmas!!!!

1/2 cup HONEY 1/2 cup BROWN SUGAR 1/4 cup UNSALTED BUTTER 1. Butter a plate or two, or use parchment paper. 2. In a small saucepan, melt together the honey, sugar, and butter. Boil for a few minutes, until it sets on a buttered plate. Let the candy cool for a few minutes and either scoop out and roll into balls or drop small amounts on the buttered plates, let cool, and roll into balls