Getting my dad a pack of Benson & Hedges from the cigarette machine

Haha this is so true!

Back in the day my kind of flirting was touching my crushes thumb while playing heads up seven up yup

Trimline phone. No more rotary dialing

Western Electric Trimline Phone ad - mine was powder blue!

Remember these?

Lord Have lawn furniture.spent many summer days laying out in the backyard on one of these.This was it for a good many years.

The Original Cast of Sesame Street

Photo of the original Sesame Street cast. The first season of Sesame Street aired in and this photo of the cast dates from then.

4-cracker sheets packed in a handy square wax paper package. These were the best. Used to take a package when we went outside to play for the day!

Always Krispy Soup Crackers were sold as four squares sealed together in three waxed packages. Open one pack at a time!

Toys From the 60s and 70s | Playground Spring Horse... loved these

This type of spring riding horse was in a park close to our apartment in Cincinnati where I was completing my masters. After my classes we would go to the park and play.

Gold Rush Bubble Gum

Cowboy Birthday Party: Gold Nugget Gum Bring out the gold and hand them out to the cowboys and cowgirls. Western Gold Nugget Gum Candies are presented

Frosty the Snowman, Illustrations by Corinne Malvern, 1950, Cover 1980's

Items similar to Vintage Frosty the Snow Man. A Little Golden Book. Retold by Annie North Bedford. Pictures by Corinne Malvern.