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floppy-eared bunny,my son had floppy eared bunnies.a sweet pet

Just look at that face!!! :)

Those eyes and the gorgeous big ears. Yorkies have such soulful eyes. A stunning little creature. I could never leave a Yorkie out of dog and puppies. See my Yorkies in my dogs and cats


Look at this funny picture of a tired boston terrier dog who wants five more minutes to sleep. Just five more minutes please!

I am the night...

I Am. The Catman hilarious catmask black cat funny on face


Funny pictures about Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning. Oh, and cool pics about Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning. Also, Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning photos.


Borgie=Border Collie X Corgie. So cute!

OMG I can't take it! the tongue.. one ear flopped down.. grinning... I have to have this dog!!

Can't wait for my Alaskan Malamute Puppy!

pista de atletismo

Athletics Track, a track in Elda, Spain with an in-built hill.



Pista - Atletismo

In sixth grade I started running track and field to stay in shape while basketball was off season. Eventually I fell in love with the track and I've been running since. I participate in the meter relay, meter relay, 200 meter dash, and long jump.