Times Square action - #NYC in World Tour: New York Photography

Times Square, Manhattan, NYC, New York. Lately Ive had such wanderlust to be here.seeing a trip to NYC in my near future

Tim Walker

Tales of the Unexpected Vogue UK December 2008 Sophie Drake and Alice Gibb by Tim Walker Gowns by Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mullany

The colors!

Some nursery trends have become staples that seemingly will never fall from grace (looking at you, flokati rug!), while others will make a short, award-winning performance—never to been seen again


Artist Louise Bourgeois, photographed by Alex Van Gelder. It takes many decades to become this Bad. And an inept photographer to reduce a complex artist to a Hollywood horror stereotype. She's on Dali over-the-top alert in this shot.

mariana garcia

As I was cleaning out my handbag the other day, I found a few lone band-aids floating in the bottom that I kept there for emergencies - usually shoes that rubbed holes in my feet.

Crush Cul de Sac

Kite running is not only what initially lead Hosseini to begin to write "The Kite Runner", but the kite's themselves represent Amir at the end. Amir is finally free of his guilt much like a kite is finally free after it has been cut by it's opponent.

Image de Julie

Window drawings for the front doors ! Something like this can be done with liquid chalk markers - it dries and won't smear until you wipe it with wet cloth.

Sevilla | Flamenco | Dance | Dress | Andalucia | Music | Tradition | Expression

Sevilla | Flamenco | Dance | Dress | Andalucia | Music | Tradition | Expression