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    We celebrate female empowerment with the same conviction that Jay Z and Beyoncé celebrate Blue Ivy's birthday.

    Eat, drink and be merry. Isn’t that universal code for joie de vivre?

    What exactly does the "Gold Dust Woman with sensible footwear" look entail?

    Just one of may questions: What the nuts should I wear this week?

    Karley Sciortino, founder of Slutever, is on this week's Oh Boy podcast.

    Social media is either to blame or thank for the fact that COLOR IS BACK.

    "Black Light" showcases talent, creativity and diversity.

    Would we contemplating brightly colored sweaters and gold lamé skirts if it weren't for Gucci?

    Will we communicate exclusively in emojis at some point in the future [question mark face]

    Meet Jay Buim, he hosts the Oh Boy Podcast and his female hero is Joan Rivers.

    Shopping tip: keep your clothes, update your accessories.

    Forget thigh high socks, bring on the thigh high boots.

    Like so many things I love (memes! movies! song lyrics!) these shoes are absolutely pointless. Lyst #LystKnows

    Are you SURE that your man isn't wearing makeup?

    Chloe King has got the whole turtleneck as a second skin thing down:

    There are a lot of things "they" don't tell you about trying to get pregnant:

    Each social media platform has a different personality:

    Nicolette Mason is a queer, plus-sized woman who advocates body positivity and industry diversity:

    It's even worse if he has his read receipts on...

    What your ex says about you (because they're probably still talking about you):

    Already bored of your sweaters? Start wearing them as scarves:

    6 female sculptors you need to know to start your art collection: