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Mansfield, Ohio: Through The Years

Go back in time with pictures from our local history collection, in collaboration with The Cleveland Memory Project.
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Police officer or firefighter astride a large horse on South Park Street while he holds the reins of another horse. The photo, circa 1895, shows the row of businesses along the street, west to east. The old Presbyterian Church, easily one of the city's tallest buildings, sits at the end of the street. A grocery, probably Angle's, sits in the right foreground, its striped awning advertising "Sanborn's Coffee."

Team of Horses on South Park Street :: Mansfield

This is a close-up scan of the artwork on an invoice issued by the Sturges and Wood, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc. The store was located at the corner of North Main and North Park Street. The building, which also held the Whissemore photographic studio, later became the H. L. Reed Company and, after that, Ed Pickens' Cafe on Main.

Sturges and Wood Dry Goods Store :: Mansfield

Snodgrass and sons owned this large livery stable (circa 1915) that was located at 195 North Diamond Street. As automobiles became common, Snodgrass transitioned from the livery business to operating a taxicab service in Mansfield.

Snodgrass and Sons Livery :: Mansfield

The Rissler and Stoodt Building stood at 63 1/2 North Main, at the corner of West Dickson and N. Main. This photo shows the building, (which was built in 1880) and its occupants, Dr. Roby DDS, Lucas Drugs and Leech Brothers Furnishings. The Charles Ritter Company occupies the next building to the north. The photo was taken from the east side of N. Main, looking west on W. Dickson. A man walks past Lucas Drugs, later Samilsons. The drugstore awning advertises "drugs and sodas."

Rissler & Stoodt Building--North Main :: Mansfield

Eight uniformed Mansfield Firefighters surround MFD Auto truck number 1, which is parked in front of the City Hall/Main Fire Station on Park Avenue West at South Walnut in 1915. Two non-uniformed men stand near the engine of the truck, one holding a stoogie between his fingers. Visible to the left of the photo is the conveniently located bakery run by Henry Boebel at 11 Park Avenue West.

No. 1 Fire Department Auto Truck, Mansfield, Ohio :: Mansfield

A front view of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building and entrance-way to the Memorial Opera House. Streetcar tracks run along the bricked Park Avenue West, in the foreground.

Memorial Building/Opera House :: Mansfield

The plant belonging to the Mansfield Pure Milk Company in 1909. Workers and delivery drivers with their horses and carts can be seen. This plant was located on North Franklin St. and belonged to Isalys.

Mansfield Pure Milk :: Mansfield

Front view of the Carnegie Free Public Library (the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library) prior to 1950 (Side note: Can we just say how much we love this photo?)

Carnegie Free Public Library :: Mansfield

A side view of the courthouse of the Mansfield, Ohio Courthouse in 1908. Included is a war monument consisting of several cannons in a pyramid with a stack of cannon balls.

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The A. Lansenlechner, General Repair in 1904, located at 142 North Main Street. The Sign just above the door reads "razors and shears, guns and sewing machines, griding, cutlery, umbrellas, repaired and recovered."

A. Lanzenlechner--General Repair Shop :: Mansfield

View of the King Building in downtown Mansfield. Includes the Parkway Restaurant, Shumaker Drugs, and several old cars circa 1950. The King Building was erected in 1891.

The King Building :: Mansfield

Six men prepare to dig a grave at Mansfield Cemetery in the early 1900's.

City Vault in Cemetery: Gravediggers in Mansfield :: Mansfield

View form the Ford Flats west along North Park Street, including Reeds, Martin's Hardware, and Sears.

Cars on Park Street :: Mansfield

Photo taken in summer of 1957 looking east along a row of cars parked next to Central Park. In the background is the S.N. Ford Building, housing, at that time, Hotpoint appliances, Consolidated Insurance, Shrigley's Shoes and a number of apartments. To the left, the edge of S.N. Ford's grand downtown home--to the right of the Ford Flats, the International Order of Odd Fellows Hall.

North Park Street - Ford Flats - I.O.O.F. Hall :: Mansfield

A view looking west across the grounds of Luna Park in 1910. The roller coaster and several other buildings occupy the top of a small hill. The corner of a lake can be seen in the lower left foreground. A considerable crowd has gathered around the lake and on the steps leading up to the roller coaster.

Mansfield, Ohio, West View Luna Park :: Mansfield

A view of the Mansfield Municipal Airport in 1960. The name would later be changed to Mansfield Lahm Airport.

Mansfield, Ohio, Municipal Airport :: Mansfield

Photo looking south on North Main Street from Temple Court in 1910. The Masonic Lodge/Post Office are off to the left. Louis Sam's Laundry is to the right, on the west side of the street. Streetlight arches arc over the street and three streetcars pass one another just south of the North Main - Fourth Street intersection. Wall posters advertise "the Drummer Boy of Shiloh."

Main Street, Mansfield, 1910 :: Mansfield

In 1911, a large crowd gathers on the lawn at St. Peters to watch laying of the cornerstone at the church. The cornerstone is visible resting on a row of large stone blocks. A group of men and boys in liturgical clothing stand next to the cornerstone. Overhead, the beginnings of the structure are taking shape.

Laying the Cornerstone at St. Peter's Church :: Mansfield

A color tinted photo of the bridge and dam at Lake Park, as seen through the single arch of the old bridge.

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White gravel walkways lead to a rough cut sun dial in Lake Park. Behind the sundial is a small pagoda type shelter containing benches. The B & O Railroad is visible in the rear.

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A man, hands in pockets, stands under a large sign marking the location of an automotive garage after the great November 1913 blizzard. Twenty feet down the the sidewalk, two men in winter hats and coats stand in ankle-deep snow. Snow drifts five or six feet deep form a barrier between the sidewalk and the street.

Snow Storm, November 1913 :: Mansfield

A view across the Casino Park lake in Mansfield, Ohio, including a small pavilion and the boat house. The only living creatures in the photo are several ducks swimming in the pond and a goose patrolling the water's edge.

Ducks on Casino Park Lake :: Mansfield

A view of the entrance to Casino Park in Mansfield, Ohio,showing an old car and two boys standing at the entrance.

Entrance to Casino Park, Mansfield, Ohio :: Mansfield

Color tinted photo of the front of the coliseum at North Lake Park in Mansfield, Ohio, showing the sidewalk leading up a small knoll from the street.

Coliseum, Mansfield, Ohio. :: Mansfield

A view of the Casino Park roller coaster in Mansfield, Ohio, being constructed. The coaster was later torn down and replaced with the Coliseum.

Casino Park Coaster (under construction) :: Mansfield