Coffee bench © Karolina Tylka 2002 - a project with adjustable table space within. The idea is about supporting smart use of space. Space of seat and table is adjusted by rotating elements of the bench.

Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz

Wood Furniture & Decor :: Modern / Traditional Wood Chair Bench, Public Seating / Bench / Stool, Installation Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz, “Stuhlhockerbank” in Nullpunkt.

Soap Dish

Soap Holder - Keeps the soap from getting soggy and melting because it's sitting in water - Decoration for House


David Weatherhead’s “Primary Clocks”

Menu for a small restaurant

Menu for a small restaurant Cool idea . for quite a few things other than just a menu

Student work - Designed by Otília Erdélyi, Hungary. Egg Box

Not quite graphic design but cool packaging Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)

Hario | Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

Any coffee maker that makes my kitchen look like a chemistry lab is a winner in my book. The Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker is a simple and clean machine, which apparently produces an incredibly smooth cup of coffee

Soap Stones by PELLE

Soap Stones are handcrafted glycerine soap, made and hand cut in our Brooklyn studio. Drawing from a material palette inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx.

custom Corian railing

Ammar Eloueini + Marc Fornes / corian screen as railing for stairs - far more interesting than your average stair railing!