Manuela Ruxandra

Manuela Ruxandra

Manuela Ruxandra
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31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas Leavens can we please have a wedding party field day this summer! Also I was dying at the thought of pean and Eleanor as your flower girls!

Men's Zuzu Black Diamond Plated with Red Enamel Wedding Band. Love that hint of RED ;)

The Two-Toned, Zuzu titanium ring, has a flat surface and features its off-center groove filled with a bright red enamel. The groove accentuates the glossy black, creating a gorgeous color contrast.

coins on wooden letters.

I love this but wouldnt use real coins bc it would be illegal.I would use fake coins or buttons abd display this in my bedroom in my "Dream Home" .diy wall decor -- coins on painted wooden letters

DIY Wooden Letter Idea....

18 Decorative Wooden Letter - use a cross instead - put burlap or ribbon to hang from door or wall