Story n. 1- The moon of Grace

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Grace had a dream. Her dream was to fly and get to the moon. But her body would not have helped her. Pounds and pounds of fat, she was a body that could not be consume. Or rather, she could consume it, but the greatest weight was her hunger for everything and anything, that would allow her to lose weight. And then, she wasn't sure that once dropped her weight she could reach up there. She did not know thin people, but she knew that they existed. So that she never convinced herself.

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Grace glanced at the moon every night from her bedroom window, she watched the moon rose. Each phase of the moon: small became even bigger and bigger, and then grew still. Grace thought to the fact that the moon, reached maximum splendor, just as She was big that no longer could. When She was big and round, more than anything else on earth, even Grace. Just then, She was admired and cited all the greatest works of the greatest authors.

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This thing had not happened to her: She preferred to stay in silence in her room, with her drawings and her books, rather than going out and meeting people and their judges eyes: Grace had a dream: Climb up the crust celestial and get on: That place, the moon: The moon would have welcomed Grace and the girl would have made light, thanks to the absence of gravity.

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One day Grace read that in ancient times, some gods transformed humans and nymphs in a constellations. So she became convinced that perhaps in this way, she could have been transformed in a star, and be closer to the moon. Then she could ask her to be hosted on the lunar earth, made of flour brilliant. That evening, Grace saluted her parents' fat and round. She shut herself in her room, she decided to go to sleep forever. With the hope that, some god did she become a star in the sky.

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But any god Grace changed a constellation and any moon welcomed her. Grace's parents were crying for sleeping daughter's incurable. And after day sand months, they decided that if their daughter was looking for the light, they would have donated to her lightness. They took a raft and put there the soft round body of their daughter. They laid them up with her some of her drawings of the full moon. They hoped that the moon saw these drawings.

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Then they let him go off the raft. The moon was full that night, she was tall and white as a pearl of the sea. Shewatched silently the little Grace, as always. The young woman was lying on the raft, she claimed the waves without waking up, and so certainly she would abandon her life. It was at that moment, overwhelmed with grief of the young, the Moon opened her eyes. Large and clear as ice. Long and strong arms sprang to the moon and she lifted the raft of Grace.

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It was not hard to do for her. Grace had no weight, for her. So, the moon mirrored in the calm sea, now she had a mouth. The moon kissed the body of Grace. She who had been her daughter. Grace lit up and she awoke up. She recognized that face huge, just her. Round and white. With clear eyes and smooth cheeks. She recognized, silent and sad in the eyes of the moon herself. The moon was like her. -But you .. - She did not finish the phrase, the Moon brought Grace in his house. On her bed.

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And from the window of her room she uttered these words. -I need you, little Grace. I need you to make the world see my face, my true face. I need you to remember me. - The next morning Grace awoke in her bed and hugged her parents, they did not remember anything. Then she ran in the street with her designs and she began to distribute them to all those she encountered. Grace did not care to look mad, or fat. Her designs went around the country and then the whole nation, and ultimate worl...

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