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Looking to make beetle bug art? Check out this color wheel of beautiful beetles!

Cicada, love these, until the come crawling out of the ground and physically can't shut it

Small organisms, like insects, have problems with sound short circuiting, where…

Une magnifique cigale

Cicada just emerged from pupa, when the white vessels in the wings turn black they are ready to fly. I love the cicada song ~

Ensign Wasp by Yousef Al Habshi on 500px

A fascinating micro picture of a so called simple Ensign Wasp. Enlarge to see the DETAILS of the look blue & green colors in a bug's eye - TINY MIRACLES!

~ Giant Leopard, or Eyed Tiger Moth ~ | by Ronnie Pitman | flickr.com

Austin, Texas, U.S * black and white animals/insects * Animals that start with G (Giant) * Animals that start with L (Leopard) * Animals that start with M (Moth)

Dragonflies...I love dragonflies

My name is Jeannie, and my favorite color is aqua. It makes me feel like summer when I wear it, and it always reminds me of the beautiful sea which to me is "Serenity" at its finest! I track the tag, "aquaserene".