Man Vs. Debt

Man Vs. Debt

MvD is the team of Adam Baker & Joan Otto. We believe when you sell your crap and pay off your debt, you can do what you love. Pins by Joan (
Man Vs. Debt
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5 Things to Do if You're Behind on Your Bills | Man Vs. Debt (good tips for getting things sorted out!)

Note: This is a post from Joan Concilio, Man Vs. Most of our financial advice on Man Vs. Debt comes from the point of view of people who have enough to get by – but […]

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Ahhh! Don't do this!

The task I must undertake is towering over me like a great big monolith. It is too big to contemplate, so I think I will go and have a little look at the internet.

This is beautiful. What a way to focus your home on your family's values and goals!

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