Designing the Republic: Architecture, Design and Photography in Slovenia 1991–2011

A brief overview of architecture, design and photography presents a special achievements and good investments, as well as disadvantages and weak points of the…
12 Pins
there are many glasses and pitchers on the table
Table Glass Impilabile, Slavko March Glassworks Hrastnik, 2003, photo: Domen Pal
a washing machine with buttons on the front
Washing machine Simple and Logical, Janez Smerdelj in Tone Holobar, Gorenje, 1997, photo: Domen Pal
a machine that is sitting on top of some kind of metal thing in front of a white background
Stabi XL2 Turntable, Franc Kuzma Kuzma, Photo: Marko Tušek
a white boat floating on top of a body of water
Motor Boat Greenline 33 Hybrid, Jernej and Japec Jakopin, Seaway Group, 2009, photo: George Korenc
four different colored lamps with one light on the top and one on the bottom, all in
Lolita Lamps, Nika Zupanc, Mooi, 2008, photo: Maarten van Houten
an old building with some grass in front of it and two garages on the other side
Terraced Houses Jurčkova, Ljubljana, Jože Peterkoč, 2009, photo: Matevž Paternoster
several people playing basketball on an outdoor court
Sport Hall Stožice, Sadar+Vuga, 2010, photo: Matevž Paternoster
a wooden walkway in the woods on a foggy day
Bird observatory Barje, Tomaž in Dušan Stupar, 2007, photo: Matevž Paternoster
the building is surrounded by many trees and has a bench on it's side
The National Museum of Contemporary History, Jurij Kobe, 1992, photo: Matevž Paternoster
a tall building with lots of windows next to a forest filled mountain range in the background
Hotel Sotelia, Podčetrtek, Enota, 2006, photo: Matevž Paternoster