I am fascinated by the 5 love languages! I think my top two are Physical Touch and Acts of Service!

5 love languages (Le Love)

The Five Love Languages. How to live them out at home. 5 Love Languages printable with ideas on how to implement at home with family.

I have always wanted to know what came after - After While crocodile...

fun ways to say good-bye.my fav that we say is Better swish jellyfish!


Bill Nye Quote, what a great thing for our E-gifted scholars to keep in mind and ask people questions to learn from the people they meet!

Usually I share a workout during this time for y'all, but I feel this is vital to remember. Once I stopped comparing, I finally felt happy! #quotes #motivation

Quotations onto in Motivational Quotes - Don't Compare Yourself to Others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday - Motivation, Self, Training

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I am a totally romantic brother and the dirty mind thing is unexplainable

Inspirational quotes by Dr. Seuss

30 Dr Seuss quotes than can change your life. Pinner says: I thank my parents for getting me a Dr.Seuss book set when I was a kid. Seuss books taught me how to be myself.

To feel is to love, care, and understand. I don't know any other way to be.

Some say I'm too sensitive but truth is I just feel too much. Every word, every action and every energy goes straight to my heart. HSP Highly Sensitive Person we are Built Genetically Different in our Neurological System Hyperactive Sensory

Finally, it's been perfectly described.

The novel's time passes in seasons: Dusty/hot fall Rainy/muddy winter Beautiful/green spring Carefree summer

Mom! Can this be what your trip down here runs on please?! I miss you and drinking our motor oil coffee together on the front porch!

This house runs on Love, Laughter, and lots of strong Coffee! Especially last weekend!

:) a smile costs less than electricity and gives more light :) ( that's what it supposedly means) and love it!

A smile costs less than electricity and brings more light :) German


To my Stepdaughter Lindsay, I'm not your biological mom, but that doesn't mean anything about the size of my love.

Not Gay But Very Supportive Gay Rights Marriage Sticker

Not Gay But Very Supportive Gay Rights Marriage Classic Round Sticker