Mara Riccardo
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I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because the way the book is bound together is very easy but in a way it still really goes along with the bright colors and patterns on the front of the book.

Wayfinding by @estudiohusmee

Using a textured surface (here OSB board) to mount signage etc creates depth and allows for easy interchange and alterations - perhaps oak panels would work best in the context of Dioscen House

Nike Brand Walls , Beaverton, 2014 - Fieldwork Design & Architecture

Designed in collaboration with the Nike Workplace Brand Design group, the design approach was to create a three dimensional architectural branded wall language using timeless and re-purposed materials.

The optical illusion created by shading the paper is quite catching and interesting Christian Nicolaus & Ute Mueller-Schloesser - This is how we do it