Puerto Rico. I love the colors of the homes and quaint streets

Puerto Rico

Travel Inspiration for Puerto Rico - Cobblestones cover the streets of Old San Juan ☀Puerto Rico☀ USA, since the Spanish days.

San Juan Puerto Rico

Pedro Lastra Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Photographed in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Cathedral Ponce, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 on

Cathedral Ponce, Puerto Rico This is where my grandmother went to church.

Vieques , Puerto Rico

funny that US Marines used to perform military practices with real bombs in this area.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Selected as weekly Best Pic Icon for Mi Viejo San Juan February, 2009 Lamps and Balconies on brightly colored buildings. Old San Juan shopping district. San Juan, Puerto Rico Have a look at all my cruise shots in my: Caribbean Cruise collection

Ponce , Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Carribbean - A world-class surfing destination. There's lots to see and explore here - including coffee plantations, colonial towns, picture-perfect beaches, and lots of great bars and restaurants.

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