I can't make cookies because I don't have a sufficient amount of flower.

How to Bake the Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe -- 3 cups flour 1 TSP baking powder 1 cup unsalted butter 1 cup sugar 1 large egg 1 TSP vanilla extract

My instinct was to put on shorts because it was hot.

light denim high-wasted cut-off shorts + white & plum baseball tee + high top white Converse shoes. Converse are the perfect shoes for a show

The runner had good endurance for the race.

How to Burn More Fat During Your Next Workout

Want to Lose Weight? Start Running Intervals Want to Lose Weight? This really works, I was never a runner until I started doing intervals." Plus, interval playlist.

The settings in the book was in the woods.

Walks in a forest where sunlight filters through the trees, pine needles crunch underfoot and fresh smell of moss and moisture permeate the air! Feel so rejuvenated and one with nature when I'm in a forest.

I speculate that the snow is going to melt.

Love the soft light and reflections in the water. Just a lovely scene! Misty winter scene at the lake.

When I was using my iPad I devised my sweet sixteen party.

19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand for all iPads Galaxy Xoom Nook and Other eBooks and Tablets For the lazy days

I will eventually go to California.

What Not to Do in Los Angeles

Ditch the guidebook for our much cooler trip to L. We'll tell you what to really do—and what not to do—in the City of Angels. (Spoiler alert: Don't go to Santa Monica, the Hollywood Wax Museum, or eat at Pink's Hot Dogs.

Snow is an element that can effect driving.

I actually used to walk every day on a path like this from my apartment to my job in Sweden. In the winter, this was my morning walk. The snow never melted. It was bliss.

I plunged into the river.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Great Britain

The Strid, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales, UK nature eco beautiful places landscape travel natura peisaj

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