I love the look of these salt dough eggs. Easter crafts for kids can make great decorations for years to come.

DIY: Salt Dough Eggs & Decorating A change up on easter egg decorating and hunts!

talk about an inexpensive project...all you need is an old magazine that's laying around and Elmer's glue

Recycled Magazine Crosses - This would be a great, easy craft for Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. kids could even make them as a fundraiser

Easter mason jars craft

Easter Mason Jars Craft

Easter Mason Jars Craft -- these are too cute! Filled with jelly beans, malted milk eggs, etc. would be great for Easter baskets or gifts. you don't need anything but tape for the trim, if no cricut available, like me! chick and bunny jar gift s

DIY Egg Wreath

How to make an affordable and easy Washi Tape Spring Wreath!

Make a Washi Tape Spring Egg Wreath! Easter Crafts and Spring DIY Projects

Easter Cheetos

Easter - Cheetos Carrots (kids love finding this in their Easter Basket. you could also use Hot Fries or Goldfish instead of Cheetos)


fruit juice + plastic easter eggs + sucker sticks + large nail + thumbtack + small funnel (for filling egg) = easter egg popsicles!

The "real" Easter bunny

The Real Easter Bunny

Real Easter Bunnies - I loved this idea. Too bad I can't use it with the Bible verses at the school. I might make this as a poster for the family.

glue yarn balls

Classic DIY Glue Yarn Ball

Yarn balls made with elmer's glue, yarn and balloon! blow up balloons any size, in a bowl soak string or yarn in elmers glue with some water, wrap balloon, let dry. then pop balloon. Now you have new decor.

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree, when I was young, we had an Easter tree made of pussy willow branches. I just loved it!

Easter treat?

The Jellybean Prayer - FREE Printable

Easter Egg Topiaries

Easter Egg Topiaries Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Sims, - Storefront Life - Storefront Life O'Kelley (this would've been a cute project!

Resurrection Baskets... and other fun ways to make Easter all about Jesus!

did something close to this idea - Resurrection Baskets. and other fun ways to make Easter all about Jesus!