Calendar journaling.....5 minutes before bed. I want to try this! I love looking back and remembering what I did several months ago.

Calendar journaling - 5 minute activity at the beginning or end of class. Brainstorm together and have one student per day write it out. Keep as one big journal for the class.

Journal page

A really good prompt ~ by Marit on flicker ~ fun idea to write about ~ cute doodle of themes on the photo, strips for the message and puffy paint embellishments

sketch of plants by fishermansdaughter

This is an 'in progress' drawing for a tattoo (I don't know enough to comment on that)--but I love the unfinished version of 'Queen Anne's Lace' shown here.

just journal

sweet handwritten letter to your future self. I wanna try this:) Would be fun to hang up on the wall. great idea for trudi at diff ages.

Smash book ideas

A smash book is a new trendy way to do your memory keeping. A simple DIY craft idea. I'm using an old vintage book as the start of my smash book.

Nenufar Girl by Ariana Perez, AWESOME !!!

Nenufar Girl Art Print by Ariana Perez! I could never find a piece of clothing with beatiful design print. This will look fantastic on the dress or top or anything.

All kinds of downloadable journal pages with prompts.

Free printable journal pages with tons of ideas for those who don't know where to start !

Art Journal

I’m no travel journal expert, but I absolutely adore a good travel journey or a place to keep my memories. I’m a keepsake, memory hoarder and I’m not sorry. I still have many litt…