Silver Lining by Eva Creel, via 500px

la-dame-de-la-nuit: Eva Creel She takes breathtaking images using water. Her strong sense of composition if fantastic and she uses black and white as well as colour images

"painting art with her feet" much like how a dancer does on stage. (I'd do this: I work out while I do WHATEVER it is I'm doing. I do pilates while watch tv. I do ballet moves when clean: U get the idea. Multi-task it girls.


Marta Syrko-Window --- I chose this piece because it's the perfect, timeless photo. Because the identity of the girl is unknown and you can't distinguish the time it was taken, people are able to relate to it no matter who or what they are.

Children used to be creative and enjoyed anything to play with. Now all they can do is play video games and waste their minds. Children playing with a hoop, Fish Market, Rotterdam, 1910 by Henri Berssenbrugge