How to Hem Knits ...The Secret Trick

The secret to hemming knits. It's the type of thread you use! Rae Gun Ramblings - wooly nylon thread in the bobbin, regular thread in the machine and a twin needle

Swimsuit coverups made from towels

If only I had a sewing machine and knew how to use it.Swim suit cover ups from beach towels!

DIY beach wrap...what a great idea! Use an over sized bath towel for after bath wrap!

DIY BEACH WRAP - *I think this would be an awesome idea for a hospital birth for when mom is getting in and out of the tub. Put snaps on the straps and it could be put on over IV tubing too.

Towel Time: Summer is around the corner, and that means water play time! Whether you have a luxurious waterfall swimming pool, a pb-approved tub o water, some sprinklers and a hose, or simply a bathtub, you're going to need some towels. Our towel projects are some of the most popular tutorials here on Prudent Baby. Take a look and get to sewing!

Towel tutorials -- Zuzu outgrown her baby towels, time to look into new ones.

She Places An Upside Down Pasta Bowl On Her Husband's Old Jeans. The Reason? This Is Amazing:

See how to place an upside down pasta bowl on old jeans to make this awesome gift idea for someone special:

Learn how to adjust the tension on your sewing machine — plus what an ideal stitch should look like — for perfectly sewn seams, edges & more!

How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension on Craftsy

Weird puckers are a common result of tension issues. In this tutorial by Craftsy, you'll learn how to adjust tension to create smooth stitches.

Upcycle your bath towel into a wrap #diy.  Need to make this for the outdoor shower at the beach.

how to make bath towel wraps--I've had a hard time finding Tiffany Blue Robes, finding Tiffany Blue towels might be easier and cheaper than robes!

DIY Towel Wrap. Z would love this. She already likes to wrap her hair up like I do.

Fireflies and Jellybeans: SIY: Kid Clothes Towel Wrap with Lindsay {Artsy-Fartsy Mama}

Towel Head Wrap DIY

Monogrammed Towel Head Wrap -- minus the monogram, thank you very much! Need a new one of these, a nice absorbent one

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