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Art that Speaks to Me

Art that Speaks to Me

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Ferdinand Max Bredt (1868-1921) German Painter ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Ferdinand Max Bredt (1868-1921) German Painter ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

poboh: Japanese lanterns, Luther Emerson van Gorder. American (1861 - 1931)

Herbert Arnold Olivier R.I., British artist

Girl Kneeling by a Cradle. Vincent van Gogh.

"Abandoned" (artist unknown). I often wonder why, if Ma. Antoinette loved children so much, did she never try to help children, like these, who slept in the street - in freezing cold weather - stole or begged for bread, and could never find shelter to keep themselves warm enough. Were she and her courtiers so blind?

My Sister My Friend ~ by Sandra Kuck

early watercolor "Sisters" by Heidi Reeves....


Alfred Stevens: Au Havre, 1884. Oil on canvas, 92 × 73 cm.

Morning on Moravia - Karsten Topelmann

Reflections Of Summer by: An He (1957, Chinese)

snow angels...Robert Duncan

The Lovers - Brent Heighton

Let the light in by Robert Hagan

The Seine at Asnieres (The Skiff) - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Paris Montmartre by Yurly Shevchuk

By Claire Keane

Summer Afternoon, Lillian Genth, 1910

Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson - The Bride

Carl Larsson - Dagmar Grill

Carl Larsson, 1915.

Graceland in Memphis