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a painting of a dragon on top of a tower with trees in the foreground
Ciruelo Cabral - Dragon
a painting of a woman riding on the back of a black horse in a forest
Draconis Fortress by Ciruelo Cabral.
a painting of a woman with a dragon on her head pointing at something in the sky
ciruelo - the initiation
an artistic painting of a green dragon with intricate designs on its face and head,
Ciruelo pintando en su estudio
Ciruelo en su estudio <<--The first thing I thought of when I saw this was "This is what Loki would look like as a dragon."
a white dragon flying over a castle in the sky
Ciruelo Cabral
a drawing of a dragon sitting on top of a white surface with its mouth open
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
I would love to try and sketch this guy ☆ Rainbow Dragon :¦: Artist Unknown ☆
a blue dragon sitting on top of a mountain next to a waterfall with a man
Eragon & Saphira by Ciruelo
a black dragon sitting on top of a building under a red sky with clouds in the background
Ciruelo - Fantasy Art - Official Website
*PLEASE CHANGE DESCRIPTION*The Rider's Greed Trilogy: Black Knights: A Black Dragon's first flight Inspiration
warrior women / Tumblr Mythical, Beast, Rpg, Fantasy, Creatures
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warrior women / Tumblr
a dragon flying in front of the moon
Planet Draco by lockjavv on DeviantArt
Planet Draco by lockjavv on deviantART (Artist rec'd permission from dragon artist Ciruelo Cabral to use his dragon in her photomanip)
two large black dragon flying over a rocky mountain range in front of a cloudy sky
Ciruelo Gallery, Dialogue, 46
"Dialogue" I love Ciruelo Cabral's fluid, organic dragons.
a dragon sitting on top of a rock next to another dragon
Diseñador gráfico y web freelance en España. Tipografía profesional
Ciruelo Cabral | Fantasy art | Illustrator
a golden dragon sitting on top of a tree branch in the night with stars above it
Orca Artist: Ciruelo Cabral