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Utopia is not a place nor a destination - it is a direction! (greener, I hope!)
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Guy Dessauges

CYLINDER HOMES, FRANCE. Prefabricated housing design by Guy Dessauges, From the vaults of ancient caves and Roman art, the concept has remained mis-path. A half circle.

Guy Dessauges, modular apartments, 1960.

Guy Dessauges, modular apartments, I am looking for a new place to live but these are not in this country, not ready to move out of U.

Ocean Imagination / Unsangdong Architects

Gallery of Ocean Imagination / Unsangdong Architects - 6

South Korea-based Unsangdong Architects didn’t hold anything back with this ambitious proposal for the Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu “Ocean Imagination” was awarded an honorable mention.

Citadel Skyscraper interior / Victor Kopeikin + Pavlo Zabotin

Citadel Skyscraper / Victor Kopeikin + Pavlo Zabotin

The project of Masdar, the first eco-city, UAE

Located in Masdar, UAE. Masdar City Center was developed by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company - is the world's first eco city that was designed by LAVA geodesic dome /eco friendly, treehouses to order.

Lofty Hooch Bamboo Treehouse Holds Record for Smallest Building Foundation

Geodesic Dome Treehouse Made by a 23 Year Old sustainability treehouse, dustin feider, tree house architecture, treehouse, green building.

Aleksandar Joksimovic, Jelena Nikolic: ARC 2 a Sustainable Floating City  that can support all living species, from humans to animals and fish to plants and trees.

A Post-Apocalyptic World Noah's Ark is a Sustainable Floating City for In-habitat Green Design Will Save the World. There are several of these awesome!

Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle

'firing for effect', 2010 by Thomas Doyle Miniature Catastrophic Glass-Contained Memories

Futuro house    designed by Matti Suuronen, 1968

To know more about MATTI SUURONEN Futuro house , visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 3 other MATTI SUURONEN items too!

Michael Jantzen‘s Wind Shaped Kinetic Pavilion is a proposal for a large fabric structure that rotates in segments around a central support frame, generating enough electricity as it moves to light the pavilion at night.


Michael Jantzen has created very interesting pavilion project called “Wind Shaped Pavilion”. “The Wind Shaped Pavilion

Rafa Zubiría

Surreal Photography of Flying House by Rafa Zubiria – WordPress Coders and Articles