Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) of “Continuum”

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Rachel Nichols as Keira Cameron from "Continuum"

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Kiera Cameron played by Rachel Nichols on Continuum... See GI Joe

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Continuum (TV Series 2012– )

Continuum (TV Series 2012– )

Fan-made Continuum S4 poster (via DmitriyTchoudov on Twitter)

Dmitriy Tchoudov on Twitter

Man, does this guy have all the luck! Rachel Nichols poses - AGAIN - for a fan photo op during filming of Continuum S4 (via Adamtwillson on Twitter)

Adam on Twitter

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron - Continuum Season 4 - April 6, 2015 (via @ContinuumSeries on Twitter)

Continuum The Series on Twitter

Rachel Nichols Photo - Rachel Nichols on the Set of 'Continuum'

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Omari Newton plays Lucas Ingram, the tech expert for Liber8, on Continuum

Omari Newton

Victor Webster (Continuum, Charmed, Mutant X)

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Erik Knudsen plays tech genius Alec Sadler in Continuum.

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Tony Amendola played Edouard Kagame of Liber8 on Continuum.

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Richard Harmon plays Alec's step-brother Julian Randol in Continuum

Jasper Ames

Janet Kidder plays Alec's mom, Ann Sadler, on Continuum.

Janet Kidder

Stephen Lobo plays Matthew Kellog, the duplicitous Liber8 member, on Continuum.

Pictures & Photos of Stephen Lobo

Jennifer Spence (born January 22, 1977) is a Canadian actor. Her acting credits include playing the part of Dr. Lisa Park on the Stargate Universe television series (and, of course, Betty on Continuum)

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Great picture of Luvia Petersen on IMDb

Pictures & Photos of Luvia Petersen

Rachel Nichols of Continuum at the Alex Cross premiere

Picture of Rachel Nichols

Continuum Season 2 Interview with Victor Webster

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Steve Eramo covers Continuum with Tony Amendola, who plays Kagame on the series

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Vancouver Canada News An Interview With Continuum’s Jennifer Spence

An Interview With Continuum's Jennifer Spence - Vancity Buzz

Interview with Rachel Nichols at S3 premiere screening in Toronto (via Geek Chic Elite)

Interview with Rachel Nichols - The GCE

Ken Tucker reviews Continuum for Entertainment Weekly.

'Continuum' premiere review: Can this Syfy show be your new sci-fi obsession?

The Guardian reviews the DVD release of Season 1 of Continuum

Continuum – box set review

An excellent analysis of Continuum Season 1 (spoilers!), relationships, politics, etc.

Continuum (Season 1)