Smiling. Hedgehog.

Hoax: This cute smiling hedgehog, often presented online as the “happiest hedgehog in the world” is actually always smiling since it’s a felted doll Nov.

Party food you can make in mini muffin tins. CUTE!

Party food ideas - cute little cups

mini muffin tin appetizer ideas Baked spinach dip mini bread bowls via Picky Palate Easy mini pizza cups via Seasaltwithfood Lasagna cupcakes via Quick Dish Cheddar herb bread with goat cheese frosting via Eat Drink Pretty

Easter cake

Springtime Soft Pastel Rainbow Cake Slice - Polymer Clay Miniature Food - Pendant / Necklace - make a real cake for a very nice Easter cake


What's on your mind, little turtle?

What's on your mind, little turtle? This turtle is me. I am the turtle.


If I was tiny I'd sleep on a marshmellow. And whenever I got hungry I'd slowly eat at the marshmellow. I wouldn't have to move to get my food.

Mini things

Oh-so-adorable miniature party food recipes

Oh-so-adorable miniature party food recipes. The mini pop tarts are happening for the party

Stop it.  Stop it right now.

Daily Awww: When you can’t choose your favorite animal… (35 photos)

Finger Monkey- I want it. I want a tiny monkey. I want a tiny finger monkey!

Lemon Meringue Shots.

Lemon Meringue Shots ~ recipe for pie shots. I wonder if we could do creme brûlée shots?

Coffee cup shelf.

Coffee cup shelf - my dad needed this until I made him get rid of so many of his mugs. but also would be great for shot glass display!