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The average first pregnancy is 41 weeks and 1 day. Legally, no doctor can induce you without your permission. A big baby is NOT a reason to induce. If in doubt, get a second opinion, refuse or ask for more information! Don't let your doctor play "the dead baby card" either. Your doctor should deal in facts, not threats!

Inducing Labor - 40+ Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Your Own

Too many women are being told their pelvis is too small for vaginal birth - this is an excellent article to explain CPD and reasons it's falsely diagnosed.

Must have for c-section moms. C-Panty: C-section recovery underwear

Sculpture - woman giving birth under tree


Tips for surviving a c-section and the recovery process - from a mom who has had four of them!

13 Myths About VBAC Many women believe that the only safe choice after a cesarean is another cesarean. Social pressure plays a huge role in a woman’s decision making process . The result is a 90% repeat cesarean rate in America (1) despite the fact that most women are candidates for VBAC and most VBACs are successful. Let’s draw a clear line between myth and fact.

13 Myths About VBAC

Cervical dilation, effacement, station and labor hormones explained on this poster #PlumtreeBaby

Physical Changes posters

Pregnancy, Obesity, and lies

Pregnancy, Obesity, And The Lies We Tell

#pregnancy #affirmations www.affirmationsf...

Affirmations for Past Due Baby - Affirmations For Pregnancy

5 Better Questions to Ask a Doula

5 Better Questions To Ask A Potential Doula: Scrap The List! | Wise Birth Blog

“Each woman must realize that she is the final guardian of her unborn child.” ― Susan McCutcheon I wonder how many would use Pitocin if they had educated themselves? Check out more of our pins at or learn more about us at

How Your Sugar Craving May Postpone your Labor #pregnancy #birth

How Your Sugar Cravings May Keep You from a Normal Labor

How the placenta detaches and the Importance of natural oxytocin vs. pitocin. Well- written!


How to prepare for a successful VBAC | 20+ VBAC & cesarean resources

When survivors give birth

Birth Support After Trauma | Tips for Doulas

How to be the boss at a hospital birth

Three Non-Confrontational Ways to be the Boss in a Hospital Birth

Many mothers-to-be worry about the umbilical cord wrapping around their baby's neck. Here are 9 surprising facts about nuchal cords.

9 Surprising Facts About The Cord Around A Baby's Neck


Oxytocin-The love molecule |

What every pregnant Mama wishes her OB-GYN would say

Incredibly helpful resource for how to better support laboring moms when they have experience previous trauma. EVERY DOULA SHOULD READ THIS. "When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women" by Penny Simkin

Questions to work through when processing birth trauma, good for doulas to discuss with clients re: birth history and for moms to work through with their partners.

Decluttering birth trauma to understand your own story

Ways to turn a breech baby. Helpful tips to avoid a c-section. The green kitchen 24_7: Natural ways to turn a breech baby

The green kitchen 24_7: Natural ways to turn a breech baby

▶ Sarah Buckley Ecstatic Hormones of Birth Intro - YouTube