Winter Beach Tales

A Story of Forbidden Love&Sex (or Death, if You Prefer), Some Damned (and Probably Drugged) Artists, A Roc That Rolls. And Many Other Strange Things. An…
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a green arrow pointing to the left on a white wall
101 - Go Ahead! "Per aspera ad astra", said the Monster Coming from the Outer Space. Winter Beach Tales:
there is a large red number in front of a building with palm trees and umbrellas
98 - 8 1/2 + 1/2. "Revolution n. 9, revolution n. 9, revolution n. 9, revolution n. 9..." "Ok, better".
a seahorse holding an umbrella on top of a wooden pole in front of a white wall
90 - A Seahorse on the Wing in the Rain (Odilon Redon was Here!) "It is said that The Roc's crazy. The reason for his madness is that its small hippocampus, which loved to play with as a child, flew away, on a rainy winter evening, and never came back".
an orange and blue wall with graffiti on it next to two trees in the foreground
100 - A Modest Proposal before the Battle of Armageddon. "But who is the asshole who smeared the door?", The Gatekeeper cry. "We must absolutely take away the fucking pen to Edward", The Master whispered, turning to The Bellman. Winter Beach Tales:
two lawn chairs and an umbrella sitting on top of a table
99 - In the Alice House on the Beach all is ready for a Mary Poppins's Flying Tea Unbirthday Party. The radio was playing an old song of Psychedelic Furs: In the house where Alice lives it's a mess of souvenirs there to remind you telling the time... Winter Beach Tales:
the number five sign on top of a building
97 - Twenty. "Revolution n. 5, revolution n.5, revolution n. 5, revolution n. 5...", "Stop jubjubbing as an Ework, please! It's nine, not five!" Winter BeachTales:
an upside down view of a ferris wheel with numbers painted on the front and sides
96 - House on the Wing. “If your girlfriend is a Girl that is right: Fetch it home by all means —you may serve it with greens, And she's handy for striking a light". Winter Beach Tales:
boats are docked at the dock in an old photo
95 - Lighthouse with Ghost Tower. "And in that moment", said The Jubjub -exactly a second before the Tower vanishing in the air, the fragmented pieces of thought come together into unified whole, showing him, not a series of gig lamps, but a luminous halo representation of life" Winter Beach Tales:
there is a bird feeder on the beach by the water and it's blue flag
94 - A Disquieting Muse on an Hyperuranium Seashore. "I will sell my new shoes an old mannequin to see if it moves if stands still or if follows me on the journey... Winter Beach Tales:
a white arch with no parking signs on it
93 - The Secret Portal of the Ancient Road to Mecca. "When the other birds, tired of their waiting for him, decided to seek The Roc - The Jubjub went on to say - they know that the king’s name means “twenty birds”; they know that his Red Fortress or Tree lies in the Roc Island, the Island after the mountain or range of mountains that ring the earth, at the end of the Ancient Road to La Mecca Club... Winter Beach Tales:
a movie poster for the film la dolce vita
92 - Federico Fellini was Here! Winter Beach Tales:
there is a surfboard statue in front of a building on the beach side with palm trees around it
91 - Ready for a Surfing Safari. "This city has a bad disease", The Master said. "Which one?", The Gatekeeper asked. "An incurable form of Californication". Winter Beach Tales:
three doors are painted different colors in front of a building
89 - Gentlemen, Ladies, Sirens. Winter Beach Tales:
a row of colorful doors sitting next to each other on top of a dirt field
88 - In the Between, 3. "There are more things between heaven and earth, old pal, than are dreamt of in your philosophy", said The Jubjub. "A host of bathing-machines, perhaps", replied The Roc. Winter Beach Tales:
the colorful building has many different colors on it's roof and sidewalls
87 - The Rubik's House. "Listen to your tales is like being inside of a Rubik's cube manipulated by an idiot: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing", The Bellman said, interrupting The Jubjub. "More or less the same that I feel living my life every day," Jay whispered, still thinking Daisy. Winter Beach Tales: