interesting display for pictures! Cute

hot chocolate bar

Vs fruit kebobs - who wins?

Graduation party.

use blue and white balloons... blue & white carnations in vases

Candy box with money as a gift

Cutesy letters without the whole name for the dorm door!

close pin photo wall

Memory Jar: Have party guests write a fun memory of you, put it in the jar, then read on your first night in the dorm.

Grass twister! Awesome graduation party idea.

Taffy Skewers in party theme colors!

Guest book Letter

Salads in jars for parties

Fill balloons with water, freeze and use and reuse them instead of ice!

good idea.

Personal Security Alarm. . Great idea!

Personalized Towel Wrap...great gift idea for dorm life

Ramen Noodle Recipe Book.

Daily Reminders for my daughter to bring a smile to her face.

College Bound Gift - Laundry Bag....Too Cute!

Great idea for dorm life.

Mini-foods for entertaining

Spray paint a galvanized bucket & add monogram, then fill it with college bound gifts. super cute!

Graduation gift

Fun Treat idea