Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas

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interesting display for pictures! Cute

  • Deby Thomas
    Deby Thomas

    Yeah, this is cute

hot chocolate bar

  • Cheyenne Andrus
    Cheyenne Andrus

    I went to a grad party where there was an iced coffee bar (of course, the graduation was in summer and the girl worked at starbucks, but it's a good idea!)

Vs fruit kebobs - who wins?

  • Jovan Broussard
    Jovan Broussard

    Would the chocolate stop it from getting soggy?

  • Abigail Lennox
    Abigail Lennox

    Meredith Chase

  • Jessica Partida
    Jessica Partida

    Emily Brugman

  • natalhie aguilar
    natalhie aguilar

    looks delish!


    Maybe some hardened chocolate on the inside? Or foil?

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Graduation party.

  • Laly Cherez Acuna
    Laly Cherez Acuna

    I love it !!! damian's party will rock

  • Nancy Briggs
    Nancy Briggs

    Add aThis is what I was thinking, only in pinks and gold?

use blue and white balloons... blue & white carnations in vases

  • Ann Bouvette
    Ann Bouvette

    I like this... Blue and white theme

  • Carie Birky
    Carie Birky

    Love this simple idea!!! Gorgeous!

  • Blake Benson
    Blake Benson


  • Charlene Rainey-Liverman
    Charlene Rainey-Liverman

    Lisa grad

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood it

Candy box with money as a gift

  • Marie Johnson
    Marie Johnson

    What a cute idea + I would totally enjoy emptying the Mrs. See's box!

  • Joanne Jacobs
    Joanne Jacobs

    Couldn't say it better than Marie J.!!!!

  • Susie Ignacio
    Susie Ignacio

    Good Idea

  • Terri Morrow-Raasch
    Terri Morrow-Raasch


Cutesy letters without the whole name for the dorm door!

close pin photo wall

  • Julie Duvall
    Julie Duvall

    *clothes pin

  • Marcy Koester
    Marcy Koester

    lol! That's too funny. I hadn't even noticed it wasn't the correct word.

  • Nancy McReynolds
    Nancy McReynolds

    Thank you! Clothes pin!

Memory Jar: Have party guests write a fun memory of you, put it in the jar, then read on your first night in the dorm.

  • Deby Thomas
    Deby Thomas

    So cool

  • SEO Company
    SEO Company

    Really cool idea.

  • Scarlett Stokes
    Scarlett Stokes

    Love this

  • Christine Marshall-Evans
    Christine Marshall-Evans

    Love it!

  • Randi Morgan
    Randi Morgan

    Thanks for the great idea!!!!!

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Grass twister! Awesome graduation party idea.

  • Susie Henry Hemphill
    Susie Henry Hemphill

    This looks fun! '

Taffy Skewers in party theme colors!

Guest book Letter

  • Christeen Dipinto
    Christeen Dipinto

    wow:-P This is original:-P byyye

Salads in jars for parties

  • Caterwaul Cats
    Caterwaul Cats

    Love this idea! I'm going to use it for my next party.

  • Fiona Trueman
    Fiona Trueman

    I want some jars like that so I can do this at a wedding

Fill balloons with water, freeze and use and reuse them instead of ice!

  • Lisa Stovall
    Lisa Stovall

    fantastic idea

  • Marcy Koester
    Marcy Koester

    This works great and is a bigh hit with the kids. When they thaw out, Watch out! The water balloon fight is on!

good idea.

  • Angie Notz
    Angie Notz

    What about a bible and circle scripture!!!!!

  • Marcy Koester
    Marcy Koester

    Yes, I thought about that too. That's an even better idea.

Personal Security Alarm. . Great idea!

Personalized Towel Wrap...great gift idea for dorm life

Ramen Noodle Recipe Book.

  • Kat Stehlik
    Kat Stehlik

    idea for my family remembers to get me for graduation ;)

  • Michele Matheus
    Michele Matheus

    Great idea

Daily Reminders for my daughter to bring a smile to her face. online.findgift.c...

  • Colleen Newton Pause
    Colleen Newton Pause

    Drat! Website says it is no longer available...

College Bound Gift - Laundry Bag....Too Cute!

Great idea for dorm life.

  • Joanna

    That'll soak up water and get moldy. I'd go with a plastic basket.

  • Joanna

    That'll soak up water and get moldy. I'd go with a plastic basket.

Mini-foods for entertaining

  • Rhonda Dickson
    Rhonda Dickson

    Good Idea

  • Lynn Evinger
    Lynn Evinger

    Graduation Party

Spray paint a galvanized bucket & add monogram, then fill it with college bound gifts. super cute!

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez

    gift for anyone!

Graduation gift

Fun Treat idea

  • Tamara Beasley-Wright
    Tamara Beasley-Wright

    This is great....

  • Tamara Beasley-Wright
    Tamara Beasley-Wright

    where can these clear cups and tops be found????