BlogHer 2012: How we saw it!

Welcome to PINHER 2012: we are going to capture everything from the shoes, to the swag to the speakers! Can't make it to BlogHer this year? No problem-follow along here and you won't miss a thing :)
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But what IS ? In a nutshell it is an educational website for your baby, toddler and preschooler! Age appropriate games with simple graphics paired with simple sounds make for a happy mommy and a happy kid! They do have a pricing plan for different subscriptions but you can always Start Your One Week Free Trial! They do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can't go wrong! I know I have homeschooling friends who are always looking for interactives for the little ones and...

@sistersavealot and @hfofnicholes at the #LipstickandHeels welcome party.

This was one of the welcoming parties that I enjoyed. Nice and easy, no stress, no lines. Great people.

How I Attended BlogHer '12 for $529.48 As you know I am a penny pincher. But penny pinchers still like to have fun, eat out and go to BlogHer'12. I know that sometimes you have to pay to play the game. The name of the game this summer was BlogHer'12. I bit the bullet and looked at BlogHer as a business opportunity and not a party. I was investing in not only myself but my blog, my business.

BlogHer 2012: The Movie

BlogHer 12 Highlight Was Seeing My Friends And Meeting New Ones

What I wore to Blogher!

Door tags left by wells Fargo at Hilton #blogher12

#BlogHer ’12: The Aftermath

BlogHer12 Friends

The Zamzee is an activity meeter that measures movement and then once connected to the wearer can track progress and earn rewards through a points system. It combines the fun of a digital game with the importance of getting our kids up and moving.

My BlogHer 2012 recap!

Vanessa Lachey is my BFF and I have proof

I Admitted To The Pioneer Woman That I Never Made Any Of Her Recipes

And we have a sparkle baby!!

Got Milk? Milkmen make breakfast better....

#blogher12 Voices of the Year. Amazing people and stories. We love you all!

The unicorn cake at sparklecon. So awesome!! #blogher12

The milkman and @robynsworld at #blogher12

Yummy dessert at the Verizon lunch #blogher12

View from the Room Key party at the Dream Hotel's Ava Lounge.

Lysol recharge station had cool improv singers making up songs for us. Fun idea! #blogher12

Shut the front door!!!! This Samsung Fridge has Twitter in the door!!!!!

Windowstyle booth in expo hall