Spiral - terra cotta sculpture by Marek Jacisin

The process of making abstract sculpture. I made a slab from terracotta clay first. Decorated - perforated it and rolled it on the foam from the one side and…
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several pieces of art are being displayed on a table with pens and markers in front of them
Marek Jacisin
preparing support form for the "Spiral" sculpture
there are many different pieces of metal sitting on the table together, including one with holes in it
Marek Jacisin
support construction from insulation foam and aluminum flashing is ready
a table with tools and materials on it
Marek Jacisin
perforated slab is ready to undergo shape shift
a roll of fabric sitting on top of a table
Marek Jacisin
rolling the slab
there is a cake with blue frosting on it
Marek Jacisin
Sushi like slab resting in the foam and flashing container. Spiral by Marek Jacisin, via Behance
a close up of a metal object with holes on it
Marek Jacisin
Finished sculpture. This is my first time trying to make spiral perforated object.