Books with records

Records with narration for the accompanying book; usually a well known story or movie .I loved this sooooo much.

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Remember these? I even remember the taste of bubble solution when it ran out of the pipe bowl and back down the straw!

Black paten leather and shines with Vaseline

A new pair of black patent leather Mary Jane shoes every year for Easter. All grown up and still like patent leather shoes.

My Mom used them for us- she called them waterproofs

Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers). I used to change my baby brothers diapers and we used these. We called them rubber pants

Wax bottles with candy juice...and then you chewed the wax like gum...Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth..haha! by ester...

I remember! Wax bottles with candy juice.and then you chewed the wax like gum.Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth. by ester.

Twist a mom had these in EVERY color and I thought they were so cool!

twist a bead necklace--man, i had forgotten all about these. I loved them so much.

The grass whistle. We did this all the time.

Had lots of fun with a 'blade whistle'. You can achieve the same effect by wearing a thong and farting.

Brownie Pin

VINTAGE BROWNIE BROOCH - PIN ~ I was so proud to be a Brownie! Not only do I still have mine, but both my daughters were pinned with my pin when they became Brownies.

Great idea...for just a little air.

And of course the crank handle inside the car to open and close it !