Marie Antoinette's Faberge Sapphire imperial ring

Marie Antoinette's (or Monika Anna) Faberge Sapphire imperial ring I think they got this back wards. It is a Antoinette Marie sapphire imperial ring.

Marie Antoinette's blue diamond ring

The Marie-Antoinette Blue Diamond: Marie-Antoinette’s private jewelry collection contained a carat blue heart shaped diamond which the queen had set in a ring. The queen gave the ring to her close friend Princess Lobomirska, shortly before her trail in

Marie Antoinette, Versailles, France

Marie Antoinette, Versailles, France - painting by Heinrich Lossow

Cameo of Marie Antoinette that King Louis XVI had made.

Cameo of Marie Antoinette that King Louis XVI had made. I have a very nice cameo like this.

Marie Antoinette dress, back... •• Can you imagine wearing a dress like this?!? So pretty & regal & huge.

"Dress worn by Marie Antoinette" Actually a paper dress created by Isabelle de Borchgrave for a museum exhibit.


Princesse de Lamballe, royal confidante to French queen Marie-Antoinette. Her killing sparked a movement of anti-revolutionary propaganda, which ultimately led to the development and implementation of the Reign of Terror.

Marie Antoinette

when france joined forces with the american revolutionaries, marie antoinette showed her support by wearing a pouf a la belle poule; an intricate hairdo displaying a french frigate that won a key victory against the british in june 1778