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zombies... um yea, they are real.

zombies... um yea, they are real.

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Each and every part of the wonderful, widespread and edible cattail plant (Typha latifolia.) has its use, depending on the season, but today we will talk about the roots. I use the roots in a several ways--boiling and scraping for "mashed potatoes," soaking to dissolve the starch for use as flour and chopping them to pan-fry like potatoes.

Best reason to have a sam's/costco/bj's membership

The Homestead Survival: The Beekeeper's Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses Book


Start seeds in ice cream cones and plant in the ground…biodegradable!

DIY Chicken Coop with Garden Bed on Top. Would like to minus the floor and add 2 wheels and a handle to be able to move it around on the grass. Could use potted Plants and put plastic down and a drainage pipe down the back end. Soap Nuts! Lots of Soap Nut recipes. And don't forget you can use soap nuts to wash cloths instead of conventional soap. Just toss 4-5 in to a small bag, then toss into washer with cloths, wash as usual. Reuse them until they turn a bit mushy and grey. Where to buy: mountainroseherbs...

Make Your Own Laundry Soap with Soap Nuts

Make Your Own Laundry Soap with Soap Nuts - Natural Thrifty

everything you've ever wanted to know about soap nuts or soap berries #soapnuts

Stock Up On Books

Everything You Need To Know About Greenhouses | #gardening

Budget prep; building your own aquaponics system on a budget and smaller scale!

Reuse altoids container.

Solar Rucksack - Outer surface of the Solar Rucksack features solar panels that collect solar energy from the sun and converts it into heat energy.

Complete Universal Surgical Kit $25.99

5-gallon-bucket-survival-kit purchase or make your own.

Blog about being prepared with food storage and other tips.

How To Open A Can Without a Can Opener - The Prepper Journal

Doomsday prep...just to be prepared :)

What Foods Should Be Stockpiled at Home for a Doomsday Scenario?

The book that it's all about!