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Hi there 👋 I had a good night and designed some elements of new website concept! Wavesound is concept of music app where you can just listen to new artists. I decided to use some simple shapes and.

Echa un vistazo a este proyecto @Behance: \u201cBolo: Smartphone Cases Online Webstore Revival\u201d

We have cleared the interface of all unnecessary elements, aiming user's attention on the product in combination with simple and understandable solutions in the form of active color illustrations.Due to a comfortable interface navigation user has the op&

Artefactos multimedia: 4. Notas visuales (parte 2 de 5)

Some great tips on how to sketch out a person quickly and easily. Visual thinking does not require you to be a great drawer. It's juts about getting your ideas down quickly and breaking free from the written word Artefactos Multimedia (IV): notas visuales