Martha Smith‎ off facebook-- Wondering what to do with old crayon nubs? Mosaics! Have early finishers peel crayon nubs. We used insulation board 4'x8' and our high school shop class built a frame to keep it from flexing. Used Elmer's glue all to attach. Now we are doing one inspired by The Eclipse by alma Thomas.

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It looks so cool! Doesn't even look like a crayon mosaic at first.


Playful Animal Sculptures Made of Salvaged Materials

Újrahasznosított cukiságok

plastic bottle top mural

Hello Summer! | Alana Jones-Mann

Bottle cap mural in our school garden

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Different ceramic planter idea. Animal with hollow head for plant

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Recycled Rascal - Shredded and rolled newspapers

graciously going green

Graduation Day Gift Guide

FREE tutorial for DIY homemade father's day gift using an upcycled old or stained tie to make a new and protective sunglasses or glasses holder. Unique, creative, and budget friendly father's day gift that kids can make for their dad - what to do with old extra outdated ties

Country Living

46 Crafts Made with Recycled Materials

One Girl's Adventures in Thrifting: Necktie Mother-lode: a necktie upcycling tutorial

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upcycled necktie, tutorial, diy, necktie craft project, necktie cup cozy, simple sewing, tutorial

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make a necktie pouch, iphone ipod case, upcycled necktie craft

Upcycled Neckties - Ten Fun Craft Ideas and DIY Projects


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Beautiful butterflies - made from aluminum soda / beer / beverage cans! Great upcycle / recycle / repurpose craft - colored with permanent markers - very good tutorial here - i tried it myself and it's amazing how vibrant the colors really are!

Drink Can Butterflies

Turn old CDs, bottle caps, and marbles into spinning tops; kids will be amazed as colors blend and patterns change. Science + art + play = FUN!

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Estéfi Machado: Roda Gigante de Papelão * os brinquedos também se divertem

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repurposed denim pant-leg aprons

Happy Hooligans

How to make a child's apron from your old jeans -Happy Hooligans

DIY spin and skip toy

Spin and Skip Toy Returns - Playtivities

Make a Shoebox Football Game

Frugal Fun For Boys

Make a Shoebox Foosball Game - Frugal Fun For Boys

Seahorse made from plastic beach finds brings attention to issue of plastics in the ocean.

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You see an empty bottle. David Edgar sees a fish. | Artistic Things

You see an empty bottle. David Edgar sees a fish.

1000 egg carton flowers #spring #instalation

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Panda Bear Craft Water Bottle and Soda Can Recycle Craft from

Panda Bear Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids

Cat Resuce Makeover. Tree installation by Kathryn Godwin

Cat Resuce Makeover; Animal Haven

Bloemen van gekleurde doppen en ijzerdraad! Gezien bij Tabak

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Cute bottle cap pony

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