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Margarita Papathanasiou
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Power music couple. Jay z & Beyonce

Jay-Z holding Beyonce's picture. Representing for his woman! I have a lot of respect for that even though I'm not a jay-z or beyonce fan!

Behind the scenes of Beyoncé's "Hold Up". Omg that sign. That middle finger…

Beyoncé graces us with enchanting behind-the-scenes 'Lemonade' photos

Be that kind of woman

I had actually thought that, when looking at the thumbnail of this quote, that it said -Tupac. and I thought, huh. I guess Tupac didn't say this.

Beyoncé - Hold Up

Beyoncé wearing Saint Laurent Candy Floral-Print Wedge Sandal, Roberto Cavalli Mustard Chiffon Gown More Nice Pins Press

Hold Up é considerada a melhor estréia da semana pela Pitchfork - Beyoncé Now

Marni Senofonte on styling Beyoncé’s latest visual album.

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Solid cast concrete and sealed for outdoor use, this little elephant can hang out in your garden or beside your keyboard. Etched on the back are the Chinese cha

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23 Borderline Genius Ways To Make Your Home Calm AF - Please check all stress…

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Pick The Right Color For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart. Businesses often utilize color psychology to increase productivity, but it can also be great for home use (i. determing colors for calming spages for sleep, yoga, meditation, etc)