Marcela Bolivar’s Digital Images Conjure Dark, Feminine Spirits In Sinisterly Beautiful Forests

Skeletal Caged Couture - Nika Danielska Designs Sharply Fierce Fashion Accessories (GALLERY)

Skeletal Caged Couture

She Sells Seashells :: Nika Danielska Design. I don't have the figure or the experience, but damn, this is beautiful. It looks somewhere between seashell and skeleton.

Photographer- Kenny McCracken Designer- Eaton Nott from Dark Beauty Magazine. Hair crown

Photographer- Kenny McCracken Designer- Eaton Nott from Dark Beauty Magazine. Hair crown Couldn't resist

Sayaka Maruyama

Japanese photographer Sayaka Maruyama creates art that explores, recreates, and redefines the classic definitions of beauty. She challenges her viewers to

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like a gothic fairytale version of the little mermaid beautiful art fashion photo Loving VII evokes black sacred embodiment

Everyone will hurt you. You just have to decide who is worth suffering for. ~ Bob Marley

girl Black and White white vintage indie black Grunge dark nature Alternative goth gothic black hair pale pastel goth foggy nu goth pastel grunge all black pale skin dark grunge pale grunge pale goth white pale dark pale dark goth

Dark Beauty Magazine Photographer: Valeria Chorozidi

My name is Chorozidi Valeria and i'm a fine art photographer currently living in Greece. Most of my work are self portraits.